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Have Your Air Conditioning Service Checked at Stockton 12 Honda

Every so often, the air conditioning system of your Honda requires routine maintenance and we can help you out at Stockton 12 Honda in Sandy, UT. In a routine air conditioning service appointment, our technicians will look inside your car's air conditioning system to check for signs of mold, excessive dust, or other types of contamination. They also inspect the cabin air filter and the refrigerant levels to ensure proper fluid continues to keep the air conditioner cooling. When your Honda needs air conditioning maintenance, schedule a service appointment and come see us in Sandy, Utah.

When Does my Car Need Air Conditioning Service?

Around two years or approximately every 20,000 miles, whichever occurs first. However, various circumstances might enable you to extend this time for a bit longer, or might even require service sooner. As an example: if you tend to utilize the open windows more and commute less frequently, your air conditioning system could go longer without maintenance. However, you should check the service plan in your owner's manual to confirm which components in the air conditioning system might require service at which points.

What Typically Happens in an Air Conditioning Service Appointment?

Our technicians can inspect various parts of your air conditioning from underneath the hood and behind the wheel, including the belts and hoses that connect the air conditioning system together. Most Honda models use a liquid refrigerant in air conditioning to help keep outside air as cool as possible, so we will inspect the refrigerant tank to ensure no leaks exist and fluid gets topped-off as needed. Finally, we will swap out parts as needed with genuine Honda replacement parts, including hoses and the cabin air filter.

What Happens if I Miss an Air Conditioning Service?

While some drivers with infrequent commutes can push their air conditioning appointment out to 30,000 miles, we recommend you keep an eye on the pressure of air coming from the vents. If you feel the air conditioner blowing air at a weaker rate, or not at all, it could represent signs of a clogged air filter or hose. If you engage the air conditioner and detect a lack of cool air, it could present a sign of low refrigerant. You should also check the bottom of your Honda for fluid leaks.

Schedule an air conditioning appointment and visit us today at Stockton 12 Honda on S. Automall Dr in Sandy, UT.

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