Utah State Vehicles Inspections

Lets break down Utah State Inspection requirements. State Emissions and Safety requirements do vary depending on the year. Here they are broken down by year:
Vehicle Model Year                   Safety Inspection     
 2014 - 2011    Not Required 
 2010        Required in 2014 
 2009 - 2007Not Required 
 2006Required in 2014 
2005Not Required     
 2004 and older Required in 2014
 Vehicle Model Year        Emissions Inspection 
 2014Not Required 
 2013Not Required  
 2012 Required in 2014 
 2011    Not Required 
 2010Required in 2014 
2009 Not Required 
 2008 to 1968Required in 2014 
 1967 and Older    Not Required 

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