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 maintenance is as simple as washing and waxing, but surprisingly is more often than not, an overlooked part of car care. Maintaining the exterior of your vehicle helps to retain value by keeping it in its best possible condition while also protecting the paint from the environment.

  • Giving your car a good wash is one of the most important aspects of exterior maintenance. Dust, mud, and acid rain can scratch and dull the paint surface. Frequent washing with a high quality car wash formulated for automotive use will remove surface contaminants and help maintain the shine.
  • Experts recommend using only a microfiber cloth designed for automotive applications to dry a car. Microfiber cloths are specifically created to trap any residual dust and dirt to reduce scratches on the paint surface.
  • Cleaner waxes can be used on older cars to remove swirl marks or oxidation. However, it is usually suggested that this sort of product not be used on newer cars or cars that have recently been repainted.
  • Car paint sealant or polish is a product that generally only needs to be applied a few times a year, prior to waxing. It is great for helping to protect the paint surface. However, it does not provide as much gloss as wax.
  • Traditional paste or liquid car wax is most often carnauba based and while it will provide an outstanding shine, it must be frequently reapplied in order to maintain protection. Cars that are housed outdoors will need more frequent applications than garaged cars. However, all cars should be waxed regularly.

Most automakers offer their own line of exterior paint maintenance products designed for use on their vehicles, which can take some of the guesswork out of what products to use. Regardless of the products used, it is important that they be applied following the manufacturer's recommendation. Maintaining car paint will not only keep the car looking great, it will also increase value when it is time to trade in or sell.

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