Fuel Filter Replacement in Sandy

Fuel Filter Replacement at Stockton 12 Honda in Sandy, UT

The fuel filter, much like its oil counterpart, helps regulate the gasoline coming into your engine to keep it free from outside particles of dirt and other grime. The fuel filter on most cars, including Hondas, resembles a cylinder with tubes coming out the top and bottom. However, just like the oil filter, it will wear on over time and require replacement. When your fuel filter comes due for replacement, you can schedule an appointment and come see us at Stockton 12 Honda for a genuine Honda part; located at 10860 S Automall Dr in Sandy, UT.

How Important is the Fuel Filter?

Incredibly important. The fuel filter regulates the gasoline pumped into your Honda from the service station. The gasoline of these stations comes stored in large underground tanks, so the mixture itself can accumulate dirt, dust, and other particulates damaging to your engine. The filter absorbs all harmful elements, while the pumps bring the clean fuel to the fuel injectors to convert to aerosol form.

How Long Does the Fuel Filter Typically Last?

The fuel filter lasts for about 30,000 miles, so we recommend changing it out once every 30,000 miles on your 30/60/90k maintenance plan. However, if you tend to drive more often, you may wish to consider replacing the filter sooner.

What are Some Signs of a Bad Fuel Filter?

As the fuel filter deteriorates, you may notice your Honda achieves lower fuel economy than before. The gas pumped into the tank could potentially damage the engine itself, resulting in emergency shutdowns and failure to achieve proper horsepower. You might also detect a smell of gasoline in the car itself or notice an increase in your vehicle's carbon emissions.

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We invite drivers all throughout Utah to schedule an appointment for a fuel filter replacement and come see us at Stockton 12 Honda in Sandy, UT today. See you soon!

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