Engine Tune Up in Sandy

Engine Tune-Up at Stockton 12 Honda in Sandy, UT

Some drivers might take an engine tune-up for granted, but our service center at Stockton 12 Honda can provide your Honda with one as needed in order to help you stay on top of maintenance needs. In previous years, engine tune-ups (or "tuning") referred to connecting your vehicle to equipment that determined its ignition timing, power output, or torque levels. Mechanics would use the results of this testing to adjust your engine as needed in order to optimize its total horsepower and ignition responsiveness.

Nowadays, the process of engine tuning remains relatively outdated in the advent of electronic ignition systems, but we use this as an opportunity to inspect your engine here at Stockton 12 Honda in Sandy, UT.

When Does My Engine Need a Tune-Up?

It really all depends on how often you drive and how much mileage you put on your Honda. If you tend to commute more frequently, and adhere to mileage milestones for service, then you might need a routine tune-up more frequently. You might need one more often if you tend to take your Honda SUV or pickup truck on more aggressive terrain as well. You should check the attached maintenance schedule in your owner's manual to see when the most crucial components of your engine (such as spark plugs) come due for replacement and schedule accordingly.

What Happens in an Engine Tune-Up?

Thanks to new advancements in engine technology, tune-ups can occur much less frequently than in the past with retro cars. However, in our tune-ups, we might inspect the carburetor and the air/fuel mixture of your engine as well as miscellaneous parts like spark plugs, contact breakers, and the distributor cap. Our technicians can swap out the engine air filter as needed with a Genuine Honda part and can also inspect the tailpipe emissions to ensure they remain compliant with safety standards.

What Signs Should I Look for That my Engine Requires a Tune-Up?

If you notice a steep drop in your engine's overall powertrain or efficiency, you should take these as signs you could use a tun-up. Likewise, another crucial sign comes from a more clunky acceleration or increased fuel consumption.

When the engine of your Honda needs a tune-up, or you simply have questions about its performance, schedule an appointment and come see us at Stockton 12 Honda in Sandy, UT. See you soon!

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